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What does an adult account on Echos d'école signify?

Any adult can create an adult account on Echos d'école. This account enables creation of one or more child account(s) and benefits from numerous features relating to these accounts.

What does a child account signify?

From an adult account, one or more child account(s) may be created. A child account is a dedicated space for children where they can find games pertaining to their age, discover activity games progressively , save their drawings and colouring ... The space is confined too: no ads, no links to other sites, no contact forms, etc. ...
From the adult account, the home page, you can access the child account by selecting the child on the pop-up that appears, or in the menu on the top left "Select a child."
Please note that once you have entered the child account, it is not possible to return to the adult account without entering the password for the adult account.

What does a user name for the child account signify?

A user name identifies the child account to other visitors and site accounts. It is made public, and should hence comply with certain rules (no trademarks, no offensive words, etc. ...) mentioned in the terms of service.
As for now the site does not allow the user name to be visible to other users, but this feature is expected to be implemented soon (sharing drawings, games played, etc. ...)

What does a game parcours signify? How can my child access games for an older (or younger) age?

A game parcours refers to all activity games for a selected age. You can change the parcours for a child in the child account profile from the tree house. You may also choose to not select a parcours for the child: he/she will then be able to access all activity games, for ages 3 to 10 years without the possibility of progressive discovery.

What does progressive discovery of activities signify?

When you select a course for the child, you can tick gradual discovery of activity games so that the child does not access all of them at once.
This prevents the child from being lost amongst a selection of games and discover them progressively. To unlock other games, it is usually sufficient to succeed in one of the games that have not been won yet.
For creative games, a few brush-strokes should suffice to unlock more activity games! When a game is won this icon will be displayed: . Once a game is won, succeeding it again will not unblock other games.

How can I monitor activity on a child account?

At the tree house, by clicking on the cup you can see a summary of activities on the child account: main and secondary fields of games played, educational summaries of the latest games played and other statistics.
You can also receive a summary of these statistics by email, it can be configured on your profile.

How can my child save his colouring activity on the website?

Some activity games allow you to save images by clicking on this icon . By clicking on the icon, the child can save an image that can be found in the tree house. This option is subject to approval , by default , of the adult who must enter his/her password, so that the child does not exceed his/her limit overnight. However, this feature is configurable by adults in the profile of the child account (in the tree house).

Is there a limit for saved images for adult accounts? How to delete an image if my account has reached the limit?

Yes, an adult account can not contain over 10 images saved images regardless of the number of child accounts it owns. To delete an image, you must view it by clicking on the frame in the tree house and then the delete button.

Can we play Echos d'école games on iPad or other tablets?

A version of Echos d'école's website is under way , to allow children to play on touch pad.

Is there an "off-line" version of Echos d'école which would allow playing games without being connected to the internet?

The off-line version of Echos d'école is expected at the same time as the applications for touch pad.

How to delete a child account?

From the tree house, by selecting the account to delete and clicking on the delete button. Please note that this action is irreversibleb> and you will lose all data related to the child account: activities, child's progress in the course.

I am unable to play games, they do not display correctly, what should I do?

There may be a problem with Adobe Flash plugin that displays games: it may be blocked on your computer or you may be using a version that's too old. You can update this plugin at: If this does not work, here's the official Adobe page to diagnose and resolve plugin problems: Please contact us, if the problem persists.

I have problems when using the site, what do I do?

Contact us and describe the problem to the best of your ability and if possible describe your software configuration (what browser do you use? Which version?).
Quick reply guaranteed.

How does Echos d'école fund itself? Will there any advertising on the website?

Numerous expenses are associated with Echos d'école: expenses pertaining to development of games for the website , website design and illustrations, server rentals , maintenance... Development of past dedicated applications past (iPad, Tabbee ...) has helped cushion these costs a bit, but now we are looking for a way to maintain Echos d'école in the coming years and also to be able to offer more games and features. This can be in the form of paid "premium" features, and / or may be in the form of advertisements only on adult accounts.
There will never be any advertising on child accounts.

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